Bibliotech Digital Library

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Bibliotech Digital Library is the first all-digital public library in the United States.  Bibliotech has been a Polaris customer since opening in September of 2013.  The collection is comprised of 1.7 million volumes – all electronic.

The Library serves Bexar County, Texas (pronounced “Bear County”).  In addition to its virtual presence, Bibliotech has a physical location in San Antonio.

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Bridges Library System

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Waukesha County Federated Library System (Wisconsin) became a Polaris customer in 2012.  In 2015 the eight libraries of neighboring Jefferson County were added to the Polaris automation system to form the Bridges Library System.  Bridges represents a combined collection of over 1.8 million volumes and circulates over 4.9 million items annually.

Waukesha and Jeffferson counties are situated east of Madison and west of Milwaukee in Wisconsin.  Bridges is comprised of 24 member libraries (16 from Waukesha County and 8 from Jefferson County).

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Coquitlam Public Library

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Coquitlam Public Library has been a Polaris customer since 2011.  CPL has a collection of over 237,000 volumes and circulates over 1.1 million items annually.

CPL is located in British Columbia, Canada and has two locations and a book bus.

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Orion Township Public Library

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Orion Township Public Library has been a Polaris customer since 2012.  OTPL has a collection of over 182,000 volumes and circulates over 489,000 items annually.

OTPL is located in Orion Township, Michigan serving a population of over 33,000.

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TRAC (The Regional Automation Consortium)

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TRAC has been a Polaris customer since 2008.  TRAC has a combined collection of nearly 3 million volumes at over 170 public and school libraries.

TRAC is a partnership of four regional library systems covering most of the Province of Alberta, Canada:

  • Marigold Library System
  • Northern Lights Library System
  • Peace Library System
  • Yellowhead Regional Library
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