Brampton Library

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Brampton Library has been a Polaris customer since 2008.  BL has a collection of over 562,000 volumes and circulates over 4 million items annually.

BL serves the City of Brampton in Ontario, Canada with seven locations including six permanent branches and one interim site.

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Coquitlam Public Library

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Coquitlam Public Library has been a Polaris customer since 2011.  CPL has a collection of over 237,000 volumes and circulates over 1.1 million items annually.

CPL is located in British Columbia, Canada and has two locations and a book bus.

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Guelph Public Library System

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Guelph Public Library System has been a Polaris customer since 2009.  GPLS has a collection of over 261,000 volumes and circulates over 1.1 million items annually.

GPLS serves the city of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.  The main library downtown, five branches, and a bookmobile serve about 123,000 residents.

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TRAC (The Regional Automation Consortium)

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TRAC has been a Polaris customer since 2008.  TRAC has a combined collection of nearly 3 million volumes at over 170 public and school libraries.

TRAC is a partnership of four regional library systems covering most of the Province of Alberta, Canada:

  • Marigold Library System
  • Northern Lights Library System
  • Peace Library System
  • Yellowhead Regional Library
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