Are these all “live” Polaris sites?


Well, except for one.  We’ve  included our Sales Demonstration site so you could have the opportunity of logging in as a patron (which is NOT something we can show on a “live” customer site).

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Can I find libraries by state or province?


Under the “Take a Tour” menu option you’ll find the sub-option:  “Search for a Library.”  Go to the search page and be sure you search using the full name of the state or province you’re looking for.

You might also visit the “Tour Libraries by Geography” page where you will find a linked pushpin for every Tour library.

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Do Polaris libraries lose their customizations after an upgrade?

In the vast majority of cases, No.

Polaris has been designed so that your customizations overlay NOT replace standard Polaris files.  That means when we deliver new files with an upgrade, your customizations don’t get overwritten as part of the process.

Customers who have done extreme customizations often choose to make modifications to Polaris-defined pages.  In those cases, the customer documents the changes they make and re-apply them after an upgrade.  This level of customization is very rare.

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Does this site have a link to every Polaris customer?


This is just a sampling of 38 libraries from among our entire customer base.  We’ve tried to include a cross section of sites based on:  type, size, geography, features implemented and levels of customization.

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How can I login as a registered patron?

David LockeYou have to be logged in as a patron to do certain things like place a hold or access the “My Account” features.

Naturally we can’t give you patron access to any of our live customer sites, but we can give you a patron username and password to a fictitious patron on our Sales Demo system:

Username:  Locke

Password:  12345

Login Now


This login works anywhere we give you access to our demo system: PowerPAC, Mobile PAC and on the Red Rock Public Library Facebook page.
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What is the library “customization level” rating?

Each library profile includes a “customization level” with a rating of zero to four stars.

The customization level rating  indicates the  degree to which the library has personalized their implementation of Polaris PowerPAC and/or Mobile PAC.

Here’s what each rating indicates:


The  library has made absolutely no changes.  Their implementation is completely “out of the box.”

Skill required:  none


The library has implemented a few basic customizations easily accomplished through the staff client system administration tool.  These may include a custom logo, a few dashboards and/or content carousels.  The library may also have used the language editor to change the wording in a few places.

Skill required:  anyone with System Administrator access


The library has created a custom theme and modified cascading stylesheets.  You may find custom colors, fonts, images and perhaps other aesthetic changes.

Skill required:  basic web authoring


The library has modified some of the layout and/or navigation.  You may find a modified menu structure, custom pages, a custom header and/or footer layout, etc.

Skill required:  web authoring and basic programming


The library has performed extensive modifications and/or custom programming.  They may have even used the Polaris API to create their own user experience.  Some of these sites may bear almost no resemblance to other Polaris customer implementations.

Skill required:  advanced web and programming experience

 The star rating doesn’t necessarily imply that one library’s customizations are “better” than another.  The  stars simply measure the extent of customization done.
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What’s the best way to find a few sites to visit?

Use the tag cloud.  You’ll find a link to it on the main menu under “Take a Tour.”  Select a feature or library attribute (like “Public” or “Academic”) and you’ll see a list of all the libraries that have been tagged with your selection.  Then just tour away!

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